This is a blog that addresses issues relevant to Catholics who are divorced or separated. The issues I address range from practical “how-to” issues like single parenting, time management and managing your finances, to spiritual issues like tapping the power of your Catholic faith, how divorce impacts your faith and your life in the Church, and dating and intimacy. Everything I write about comes from the perspective of my own personal experience with being divorced and Catholic.

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  1. Philip Wagner says:

    please excuse me but I do not understand. the Catholic Church does not recognize civil divorce of a sacramental marriage. Did you contest the divorce? a Catholic marriage contract/covenant is owned by the Catholic Church and deprives the divorce court of subject matter jurisdiction. Did your wife seek the bishop’s permission before filing with the court? if you admit to being divorced then you are agreeing with civil and not church governance.there are three things that define a Catholic’s full communion: proclamation of faith, sacraments, and governance. Seek or allow a civil divorce is an offense against all three of these.

    I would certainly like to hear more on your thoughts about this.

    • Vince Frese says:


      I can understand your concerns. My About page is very light on details. I am about to launch an entirely new blog with a much more complete About page. Stay tuned… The short answer to your question is that I received an annulment from the Church. This is the Church’s process, guided by the Holy Spirit, of determining if a valid marriage ever existed. In my case, they determined that my marriage was not valid. I hope that clears up your concerns.

      In Christ,

  2. Philip Wagner says:

    Thanks for responding. my interest was not in challenging your personal situation. I am merely trying todialogue with someone about the difference that I have with others concerning catholic who face civil divorce and the proper way of handling it. I have much that I can share with you if you are interested.


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